Month: November 2016

If Nothing Else…

I recently read an article in the Huffington Post in which a homosexual man of Latino descent with a child of African American descent was baffled and incredibly offended at the thought of people expressing love and care for him in one breath, and in the next breath, demonstrating support for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has said some egregious things. I do not stand behind most of what Donald Trump has said, nor do I agree with much of his lifestyle.

That being said…

Concerning the man from the Huffington Post article: I try to empathize with him concerning the severe hostility I’m sure he has experienced. I cannot imagine much of his struggle because I have never walked in his shoes. But I couldn’t help but think of the stance of the other party’s candidate. I couldn’t help but ponder the implications of what may have been if someone like Hillary Clinton had been President when this man’s parents were younger. What kind of rights would this man have if his life may have been terminated at 9 months and nobody had lifted an eyebrow?

No other rights are possible without the right to live.

With all due respect, if you have the capacity to be offended, you are alive. If you have the ability to form a thought, to feel heartache, to voice your concerns, you are alive. That is more than can be said of the billions of individuals who have been denied the most basic of human rights—the right to live—in the name of “women’s rights” or any number of other reasons.


I am saddened by the racial rifts in our society, by the spiteful acts of people from one socioeconomic reality to people from another, by cowardly words and deceitful manipulation. I am saddened by how many people have been deeply hurt and seriously wronged. There is no excuse.

But most of all, I am saddened by the complacency of living, breathing, capable individuals who have turned their backs on those being completely deprived of life. Because if you are not afforded the right to life, then liberty and the pursuit of happiness are utterly irrelevant.

I do not want to convince you to vote for a particular candidate, nor do I think this argument necessarily even has to fall on partisan lines. All I want to communicate is that if our leaders are not willing to fight for the sanctity of life, then all other fights are in vain. All other rights are irrelevant. All other endeavors are dead.

Tomorrow, millions of Americans will cast their votes for the next President of the United States of America. Make yours count. The Supreme Court appointments made by our next President will literally be the determining factor in whether or not our parents and grandparents will see cases like Roe v. Wade overturned by the Supreme Court. If nothing else, choose life…because someone was willing to choose that for you.

Be a voice for those who cannot be.