Dear Educators, Stop Exploiting the Innocence of Children

Personal stories of wildly confused children illustrate the cataclysmic effects of language manipulation and indoctrination within our education system and the wider culture. In this episode of “The Kylee Zempel Podcast,” Kylee talks about gender indoctrination in schools and draws parallels to pre-holocaust Nazi propaganda tactics. She also unpacks James Clavell’s “The Children’s Story” and speaks to the danger of ambiguous leftist catch-phrases.

One thought on “Dear Educators, Stop Exploiting the Innocence of Children”

  1. It’s nice to hear about your summer in DC and I’m glad you’re out in the world gaining new experiences. I haven’t been to the Holocaust Museum yet but I would really like to. It’s quite disheartening to think about how quickly the Nazi party was able to spread hate and fear, encouraging and amplifying the social construct of race in order to prop themselves up and put down those living next door. As with most times of hate in human history I hope we continue to learn from it.

    Boundless Love,


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